AnaÏs Astan Meyer

Astan Meyer also known as Astan KA is an artistic performer, singer-rapper, songwriter, actress, mover and event curator based in Berlin. Malian-French, she considered herself as a child of reconciliation. Her music is mostly experimental as she explores various genres such as jazz, rap, trip-hop or ethno/afro electronic sounds. She develops a musical universe that she names "gangsta jazz". Astan is the lead singer of the band Asphalt Djelis and a member of the Berlin based music collective Sonic Interventions. Her acting career to date has included TV series, short-film, commercials, musicals and dance theatre. She is the co-founder of Cult'Sup', a cultural event focusing on afro-hybrid artistic content and ancestral knowledge. Astan is also doing styling and artistic direction work for the fashion cultural concept KASAPIO.

Juxtapositions. Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Production is a public lecture series hosted by Prof. Lukas Feireiss for Studium Generale at Berlin University of the Arts since 2021.