Forensis / Forensic Architecture

Founded in 2021 in Berlin as a non-governmental, not-for-profit association (e.V.), Forensis works for and in collaboration with individuals and communities affected by state and corporate violence, to support their demands for justice, reparations, and accountability. Drawing on techniques and methodologies developed at the Goldsmiths, University of London-based Forensic Architecture (FA), Forensis is an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in spatial and visual investigation, time-based 3D reconstruction, cartographic platforms, and open source investigation. Forensis produces evidence for presentation in national and international courts, human rights forums, parliamentary inquiries, truth commissions and people’s tribunals. For Juxtapositions we are joined from Forensis by researcher and designer Phoebe Walton who has a background in architecture, as well as Jasper Humpert who works as a textual and visual researcher.

Juxtapositions. Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Production is a public lecture series hosted by Prof. Lukas Feireiss for Studium Generale at Berlin University of the Arts since 2021.